Laravel 5.4.24 Released

Popular PHP framework Laravel has confirmed the release of version 5.4.24 which based on the official article "adds support for magic controller methods, a Request::routeIs() method and more." Mich more is probably understatement of the year as the changelog is quite huge.

Full Change Log:


  • Support magic controller methods
  • Added Gate resources
  • Added Request::routeIs() method
  • Route Route::isName() shorthand method
  • Added support for custom columns in softDeletes() method
  • Added ManagesLayouts::getSection() method
  • Added Model::refresh() shorthand
  • Added Container::forgetExtenders() method
  • Added Filesystem::hash() method
  • Added TestResponse::assertViewIs() method
  • Added path to Paginator
  • Added Collection::concat() method
  • Added make() method to HasOneOrMany and MorphOneOrMany relations
  • Added str_after() helper function
  • Added Router::apiResource() method


  • Move $sizeRules and $numericRules properties from FormatsMessages to Validator
  • Allows calls to Collection::times() without the $callback parameter
  • Don’t ignore jobs with a timeout of 0
  • Resolve database paginators from the container
  • Added news to Pluralizer::$uncountable()
  • Switched to using app()->getLocale() in app.stub


  • Fixed Container::makeWith() not using parameters when resolving interfaces
  • Stop validating Memcached connection
  • Fixed the position of bound() in Container::instance()
  • Prevent applying global scopes on the factory while setting the connection
  • Fixed database connection issue in queue worker
  • Don’t use HTML comments in notification email template
  • Fire rebinding callback when using bind() method to bind abstract
  • Return 0 from callScope() if $query->wheres is null

You can review the full changelog at the official site here which also contains the release announcement. Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework which by all accounts is incredibly powerful and a lot of fun to use (opinion based on feedback from fellow developer friends)