The Joomla Marketing team have put up a post looking for a new Lead Designer, it's not the first time Joomla! has looked for a creative soul when not so long ago the Joomla! shop was looking for 'creative minds' (Creative minds wanted). It's a great opportunity for any designer to get their work shown to a global audience but before jumping in a whole heap of requirements are to be met...

The Joomla marketing folks have been very busy recently as they have a new survey out which asks 'How do you #joomla" The goal according to the blog post on the Joomla! community site is aimed at providing some hard data on particular points within Joomla! from a product perspective as well as marketing. 

Joomla! confirmed via it's official twitter account that a new milestone had been hit with the CMS now hitting 80 million downloads, Joomla! is aiming to cement it's position behind Wordpress in the CMS market and Joomla! 3.7/4.0 will likely be highlight marketing to try close the gap further but face competition with Drupal 8 on the horizon.