JCE 2.6.14 Released

Not so long ago JCE released version 2.6.12 and are now back with another bug fix release although the keen eyes of you will ask where 2.6.13 was, my guess would be superstition kicking in a little - either way the super popular editor is back again and this around the changelog is quite meaty although again a bug fix release one new toy (read addition) has been pushed out for JCE Pro users.

The Changelog: 

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with some extensions due to internal code changes.
  • Fixed: Menu items in the Link dialog tree list are now ordered by id and name.
  • Fixed: Link selection expanded when creating a link in a table cell using the context menu in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Incorrect File Directory Path value used in some profile setups when opening the File Browser from the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Incorrect upload size value reported when adding a file to the upload queue.
  • Fixed: Installation failure when using a MSSQL database.
  • Fixed: Pasting now correctly detects Libre Office documents for cleanup
  • Fixed: Super Users now have access to all menu items in the link tree in the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Window Popups not removed or updated due to incorrect detection of onclick attribute.
  • Fixed: Non-breaking space characters removed if the Entity Encoding option is set to UTF-8.
  • Fixed: Uploaded files are not renamed if the new name contains spaces and the 
  • Fixed: Styles dialog display corrupted when updating a style that contains a border or background colour.
  • Fixed: Style dialog unresponsive when updating some styles.
  • Fixed: Add support for subform repeatable fields in Joomla 3.7
  • Fixed: Added a workaround for editor initialisation in WidgetKit 2
  • Fixed: Styles list unresponsive when using custom styles that use integer values.

Pro specific changes

  • Fixed: Saving in the Source Code Editor would result in rewriting and duplication of onclick attribute values.
  • Fixed: Uploaded images that are resized using multiple dimension values are not saved to unique files if no suffix is specified.
  • Fixed: Windows Media files inserted with the Media Manager are not converted correctly on saving.
  • Fixed: Incorrect proportional values calculated for some thumbnails in the Thumbnail Editor.
  • Fixed: Legacy Image Manager Extended parameters used instead of new Editor Filesystem parameters, eg: Cache
  • Added: Custom attributes can now be set for Video and Audio in the Media Manager to allow for new attributes such as controlsList.

You can find the full changelog here as well as the release announcement for this specific releases here and as always if you wish to make use of JCE Pro then you will need a subscription which you can get more information on here

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