How to enable Recaptcha

Recaptcha is an excellent way to cut down on the number of spammy users signing up to your site, granted it's not a solve all solution but it's a great barrier that does filter out a lot of basic spam bots and it's also a feature built into Joomla! which happens to be very easy to get setup and running with minimal fuss.


The first thing you will need is a ReCaptcha public and private key, the service which is owned and operated by Google is free you can find about Recaptcha and it's service on their introduction page. Once you have signed up for Recaptcha simply follow the on-screen instructions, it's a very simple process but if you get stuck feel free to ask any question you have in our forums

Once you have completed the process you will be given a public and private key, copy and paste those somewhere safe as we will need to enter these into the Recaptcha plugin, speaking of which let's go through the Joomla! side of things

Log in to the Joomla! ACP (Administrator Control Panel)
Go to Extensions -> Plugins
Locate the Recaptcha Plugin and click its name to enter the plugins settings
We can now enter the two keys we copied earlier, public into public and private into private. Ensure you enable the plugin as an additional note it's worth mentioning you will want the plugin to be running on 2.0 or higher in terms of the Recaptcha version.
Finally, we will want to set Recaptcha as the default captcha service for the site, we can do this by going to System -> Global Configuration. Locate the site tab and from here select Recaptcha as the default captcha service.

That basically covers the entire process, if you have issues with this process again drop a post in our forums but all in all it is a straight forward process which can save you hours in dealing with spammy accounts

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