Module Template Positions Preview

Sometimes you will want to preview a template's module positions which allow you to see where each and every module position lives, often template developers do provide a screenshot or example page of where a module lives within each and every template but in the event they have not or you are unsure what module positions a template has you first need to enable previews.


The first thing you will need to do is head over to the Administrator Control Panel (ACP), login and go to Extensions -> Templates from here we can determine if module positions preview is already enabled (or not)

After logging in and heading to Extensions -> Templates we can now determine if previews are enabled if they are the red eye with a line through it will be a blue eye, however if not abled you will see something similar to the image posted here.
Now on the far top right is a button called Options, this will take us into the global template options
Now all we need to do is flip the option 'preview module positions' from disabled to enabled. The button will turn green when enabled rather than the red it will be while disabled.
Once we have saved the option to enable previewing template module positions we can see that the eye is blue and now clickable, clicking this will preview whichever templates eye you click.
Additionally rather than clicking the blue eye from the ACP you can (and must) enable the preview module positions option then append:
To the end of a URL on the frontend of the site, additionally using
will display a specific templates positions, remember to replace the ID with the actual templaes ID.

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